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Packed lessons I brought from Herrsching seminar

Herrsching Seminar (28th International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth)not only inspired me to be more open-minded about different cultures and personalities but also it made me learn valuable lessons about leadership and teamwork.

The first lesson I learned about leadership is self-knowledge. When you truly know your interests, abilities, values, and needs; then you can build relationships with everyone. Since there is no one way to being a leader, you can only understand everyone when you know your own capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Another point is that not everyone has to be a leader. When you are working in a team, there are different tasks that needed to be done by different people depending on their capabilities and talents. There are different types of social styles according to Wilson Personality Grid: driver, analyst, expressive and amiable.

After deciding whether you are task oriented or people oriented and tell directive or ask directive, you can put yourself in the diagram. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses, so when all different characters come together, they build the whole structure and here it is: The TEAM!

There is no need to say that communication and cooperation is a must in team works. When you listen and respect each other, effective group works can occur without conflict. Regarding rural work; you must consider that there could be different backgrounds: for instance, you can work with farmers, students, entrepreneurs, cooperatives, researchers in the same team. Therefore, you must take into account everybody’s ideas and knowledge and make a collaboration between all the members.

So, I packed these lessons in order to use them in real-life situations whenever I need!

Picture credit: Seher Gumus