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With love from Europe. Happy 10th anniversary YPARD!

This year, YPARDians are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the very special YPARD in different ways, all over the world. 

YPARD Europe celebrated this special occasion on the 8-9th November, 2016 during the 3rd International Tropical Biodiversity Conservation Conference (TBCC) in Prague, Czech Republic. Celebrating this milestone anniversary with over 100 young agricultural researchers, activists and university students attending this event was the best gift that we could ask for as YPARD Europe. We ceased this moment and opportunity to wish all YPARDians a big happy birthday. 

As young professionals in the field, we surely celebrated the hard but also worked hard at the TBCC, an international conference organized by the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences of Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (FTZ, CULS Prague). This conference took place not only in Prague but also in Mexico on October, 2016 with a wide range of topics concerning biodiversity conservation in tropical regions of the world. The presentations and discussions in the conference attracted many agriculturists, researchers and students for two days.  

YPARD Europe actively participated in the conference with an informative booth and presentations and the   Communication and Fundraising intern Stacy Hammond  introduced her YPARD family to all and sundry during the second day. 

As it is always a pleasure and passion to talk about YPARD’s vision, mission and activities and attracting people to the YPARD booth was not difficult. It was interesting to learn that many students were not familiar with YPARD activities and  were often unaware of what opportunities they can get from it. 

We would like to share on this blog the highlight of what students and researchers mainly asked and were interested in while visiting the boot before and after the informative presentation.  This activity gave us a brief idea of how YPARD is understood by students, researcher and youth in the academic community present at the TBCC conference. 

Here are the main questions, arranged by the frequency asked: 

Q: Does YPARD provide scholarships to young researchers in the agriculture sector? 

A: Many students seem to understand (or just hope) YPARD is a direct supporter in their research and studies. This question was probably the most “popular” one during the two days. After interacting with the YPARD Europe representatives at the information booth and presentations, they then understood the scope of opportunities offered by our YPARD platform.  

Q: How does YPARD link the university and academic staff to young farmers?

A: We seized this moment to highlight the manner in which YPARD uses its networking opportunities to create linkage between these different areas.

Q: How YPARD works in the country, regional and international level?

A: Here we highlighted the YPARD working strategies and the way we do our on and off line work at national, regional and international levels.

Q: Who are the main YPARD partners?

A: Of course we were very proud to mention our partner organizations that work in close collaboration with YPARD to reach the main mission, vision and objectives. See the list of partners HERE.

Q: What are the funding opportunities could YPARD offer to young people?

A: As young professionals, students, researchers and youth in the academic community attending this event, it was quite clear to us that this was one of the most common areas of interest therefore we highlighted the various types of opportunities offered on the YPARD platforms including jobs, trainings and of course funding opportunities for research and studies. See list of YPARD opportunities HERE.

Q: How could researchers and students increase their participation in YPARD activities? 

Q: How can students get involved in current activities all over the YPARD network? 

A: The last two questions asked, showed the enthusiasm and the interest of the participants of the event to have active participation within the YPARD platform/network. We were delighted to offer the various way in which one can become an active member in YPARD. This involves working with the local, regional and global platforms/working groups as well as becoming a registered member of YPARD where they can interact with other young agricultural professionals who share the same desire to contribute to a more sustainable agricultural development. See HERE on how to get more involved with YPARD.

These were the general questions that we got from the students and researchers mainly but it was nice to get very specific questions from attendees of the TBCC event and see their great interest in our YPARD family. Expanding day by day we are becoming stronger and more interesting to the youth. 

10 years has passed in the blink of an eye. Centuries are ahead of us! We can start by answering the questions and developing new more enthusiastic solutions to new challenges! 

What other questions do you as a YPARDian get asked the most? Feel free to share with us on the comments section below.

Photo courtesy: Libuska Valesova, YPARD Europe Coordinator