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8th International conference on wind and trees

IUFRO wind and trees conference  The triennial conference of the International union of forest research organization(IUFRO) on the effect of wind and trees will take place at the National Center for Atmospheric Research’s (NCAR) Mesa Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, from 17 July to 21 July 2017. 

Call for papers

This conference encourages scientists from all backgrounds with an interest in the interaction between wind and trees to present a paper. The broad theme of the conference targets understanding the interaction of the wind on trees at scales ranging from the leaf to entire forests and forested landscapes. We are interested in how trees adapt to wind, how they acclimate during their lives, and the physical mechanisms of wind damage. Presentations discussing the atmospheric processes producing damaging near-surface winds and climatological controls on their likelihood are also encouraged.  We are keenly interested in the impact of forest disturbance on carbon budgets and ecosystem functioning in forests and management strategies to mitigate the impact of damage in all types of forestry. 

It will cover the following topics during the conference:

  • Wind interaction with individual trees or small groups of trees
  • Airflow in forests
  • Tree biomechanics
  • Tree adaptation and acclimation to wind
  • Wind disturbance in forest ecosystems
  • The impact of wind disturbance on forest/atmosphere exchange
  • Atmospheric phenomena producing damaging near-surface winds
  • Wind damage to trees and forests in a changing climate
  • Impacts of wind in urban forestry
  • Managing wind damage in plantation and natural forests

Abstract submission

Abstracts are now being accepted. You can subit your abstracts here 
Abstracts will be accepted until February 17, 2017 and authors will be informed of the status of their abstract sometime mid-March, 2017. 

Other activities at the conference

A half day excursion to Rocky Mountain National Park.
After the conference, a 1 day visit to the Fraser Experimental Forest


Workshop presentations and abstracts will be published on our website via links provided during the workshop. (You may indicate that you do NOT want us to publish your abstract when you submit).

IUFRO will be conventing a special issue in the journal Agricultural and Forest Meteorology to disseminate the workshop's most enlightening findings associated with the meteorological and climatological aspects of windthrow and disturbance.  We are also pursuing the possibility of a special issue discussing the workshop's findings on forest/tree management practices in forestry journals such as Annals of Forest Science, Forestry or Forests.


To register click here, or go to the tab at the top of this website. Workshop Registration Fees: The registration fee TBD (Estimate cost $250 to $300.)


For topical information, please contact:  Barry Gardiner or Edward Patton
For logistical information, please contact: Kris Marwitz
Picture credit: National Center for Atmospheric Research