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Feedback from the GLF Social Media Bootcamp – Keron Bascombe

social media bootcamp
Just before and during the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) conference, a Social Media Bootcamp was organized by the CGIAR that brought together key social media coordinators from CGIAR, GLF consortium members and partner non-profit organisations and institutes. During a six-day hands-on training exercise, a wide range of practical topics were covered, from technical tools to strategy development of social media and social reporting.
Thanks to GFAR funding, Keron Bascombe, a young professional of YPARD, was able to participate in the training and in the live coverage of the GLF conference itself.
As a blogger and freelance writer, Keron is an active young professional in agriculture seeking a career in agricultural journalism and communications. Having been exposed to the online and digital journalism world, he has developed a passion for writing and social media and has learned that operating in different environments providing practical application, soft skills, and technical know-how offers the richest forms of knowledge.
Keron uses his agricultural blog Technology4agri as a springboard for his work and is guiding its transformation into a social enterprise. Active for over two years, the agriblog is a platform from which he can show users the multitude of technological applications that exist in agriculture and assist in the development of young agripreneurs.
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Picture credit: CIFOR