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Welcoming YPARD Web4Knowledge interns: Diego Valencia and Husein Shahadu

We are delighted to welcome two multi-lingual remote YPARD Web4Knowledge interns: Diego Valencia and Husein Shahadu. 

Diego ValenciaDiego Valencia is an Agricultural professional who grew up in a rural community in northern Peru and observed all the problems and challenges small farmers face. Seeing the major share of joys and magical moments farmers had made him long to major his studies in agriculture. Overtime, he has oriented his professional profile towards Small Family Farming and Market Connections. 

Diego will be responsible for the Spanish sections of the YPARD website giving a boost to all the Spanish­ speakers countries members of YPARD, sharing information, inspiring testimonies and opportunities for young people in Latin America particularly. 

Husein ShahaduHusein Shahadu is a junior studying Management Information Systems at Ashesi University College, Ghana. As a student passionate about agriculture, Husein helps to improve agricultural information accessibility and data management for farmers in his community. He has represented his community farmers on radio and on other agricultural platforms such as SADA (Savana Accelerated Development Agency) and Africa Lead to discuss ways to make agricultural information accessible to farmers – especially local farmers. 

Coming to YPARD, Husein is looking to explore and analyze innovative actions that can be taken to help build capacity for agricultural transformation. His areas of interests include; creating sustainable networks to increase agricultural performance and food security, global research and innovation, leadership in agriculture, gender equality and women empowerment in agriculture, sustainable consumption and production patterns, impact of climate change and environmental degradation on agricultural development and technology in agriculture.  

Over the last years, Husein has worked with student run agricultural enterprises on campus such as Agripro and Sesa Mu and has also participated in workshops organized by Africa Lead, Feed the Future. This saw him receive a champion for change leadership in agriculture certificate from Africa Lead.

He has also served as a social media manager for his campus clubs and therefore, he will not only contribute effectively to achieve YPARD`s mission but will also help uplift the presence of YPARD both online and offline through searching for YPARD information on the internet, social media and among his friends in school and outside school.

Welcome on board Diego Valencia and Husein Shahadu.