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Call for contributions to an international photo competition: “Forest–Agriculture Interface through a Gender Lens”

CIAT's Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA) gender integration program is taking a different look at science by publishing a photo book. The photo book will reproduce the best 100 photos and accompanying storylines submitted to the 2014 International Photo Competition, titled “Forest–Agriculture Interface through a Gender Lens”. Science has a stronger impact when we communicate our research findings — both successes and failures — to a wider audience, which we can reach by using a range of media. We believe that photos break down language barriers and connect people, whether they are farmers, middle-class urban families, public enterprises, donors or policymakers. In our photo book, we will acknowledge and showcase your extraordinary efforts in capturing images that reveal successes and failures in integrating gender into forestry, agroforestry and smallholders’ activities. Entries are free of cost and open to all till June 15, 2014Photos can be submitted within the three key thematic areas with gender as a cross-cutting issue:
  • Forests including drylands and marginal people;
  •  Agroforestry in vulnerable landscapes; and
  • Non-timber forest products and smallholder agriculture produces influencing the local markets.
Award:The best 100 photos and accompanying storylines will   be selected for the photo book. Photo book launch at the IUFRO World Congress 2014. A certificate and photo book for selected participants. Three participants (one from each theme) will be invited   at CIAT’s CRP FTA’s workshop in Uganda in Nov. 2014.How to submit your photo? This competition is free of cost and open to all (no boundaries). No registration form is required.SIMPLE TRUE STORY:Each photo must tell a story about the success or failure of integrating gender in any of the three thematic areas. Write a story of max 150 words in either English, Spanish, French or Bahasa Indonesia.PHOTOS:Submit a maximum of 2 photos for each theme (for each person a max of 6 photos in colour or black & white). This to be saved in .Jpeg or .Tiff hi-reso format, minimum of 2MB size, and 1200 dpi resolution. For each photo add: a photo title, story, identity of people, place, and photo date (dd/mm/yy). Save the file as your family name_first name_number of the photo_your citizenship.SEND YOUR ENTRY:Before JUNE 15, 2014 Add your full name, profession, institutional affiliation, and full contact details.To submit please upload via   and E-mail to and Cc to
Further information is available in CIAT Blog