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IICA Canada –Climate Change Adaptation for Agriculture - Internship

The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA) is a specialized institute of the Organization of American States. Canada has been a member since 1972.

IICA has 34 offices in the Americas and has maintained an office in Canada for close to 30 years. The primary mission of the Canada office is to promote mutually beneficial initiatives between Canadians with other member countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

IICA Canada has been assisting with the professional development of individuals interested in agricultural international development. IICA has identified resilience and integrated risk management as a priority for the Institute.  IICA recognizes the importance of coordinated action by all countries in the hemisphere to help farmers adapt to climate change impacts.  Given the opportunity to support professional development and contribute to knowledge exchange between Canada and IICA member countries, IICA Canada is sponsoring an internship at a Canadian institution specializing in agricultural adaptation to climate change. 

The Innovation and Adaptation Services Branch of the British Columbia (BC) Ministry of Agriculture will host the IICA Canada sponsored intern.  The incumbent’s work will be associated with the programs being delivered for the Ministry by the British Columbia Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative (CAI). CAI has conducted a series of risk and opportunity assessments in relation to BC agriculture and climate change, has completed regional adaptation strategies for 6 key agricultural regions of BC, and has developed a program to pilot and demonstrate practices at the farm level. 

Through these activities, the CAI is working to increase knowledge of the potential impacts of climate change on agriculture in BC and to inform the development of resources, tools, programs and policies that are supportive of agricultural adaptation.  These knowledge products are of interest to IICA.  (See for further information).  The position will report to Ian McLachlan, Manager, Climate Action, Innovation and Adaptation Services Branch, British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture.  


Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Duration of Internship:

September 14, 2015 to November 13, 2015 (approximate)

Work Schedule:

Monday to Friday, 7.5 hours per day


Non-pay internship

Stipend provided for travel and living expenses

Overall Responsibility:

The intern will be required to develop a report and other modalities to transfer knowledge \ tools \ methodologies from the British Columbia Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative for use as applicable in IICA member countries. 

In addition, the intern will contribute to the delivery of the work plan of the Climate Action Team (Innovation and Adaptation Services Branch), including the identification of resiliency indicators and best practices in performance management and developing recommendations towards implementation of the Ministry’s climate change adaptation program’s performance measurement strategy. A key framework for consideration will be the FAO’s Climate Smart Agriculture approach.


  • To undertake orientation to the programs in both the British Columbia Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative and IICA’s Resilience Project.
  • To research approaches adopted by other organizations for measuring impacts (results) from implementing climate change adaptation strategies.
  • To write clear and concise reports.
  • To organize and participate in meetings and other events. 
  • To carry out tasks as assigned by the Manager of the Unit

Expected Outputs:

  • A comprehensive written review of the FAO’s Climate Smart Agriculture approach and its key areas of applicability to British Columbia agriculture, including identification of opportunities and priority adaptive practices.
  • Written report on resiliency indicators and best practices in performance management for climate change agricultural adaption programs.  This would include suggested performance measures based on Climate Smart Agriculture frameworks for assessment, monitoring and evaluation.  An area of focus may be developing social, environmental, and economic resiliency indicators for program areas.
  • Report on the applicability of the tools \ methodologies from the British Columbia Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative for adoption\use in IICA’s programs. 

Criteria for selection:

  • Ability to communicate well in English, both verbally and in writing (with the understanding that English will likely be a foreign language for the intern)
  • Strong abilities to research, conduct analysis, and communicate findings
  • Previous experience working in agriculture in an IICA member country
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Publisher)
  • Knowledge about Climate Smart Agriculture, climate change adaptation and resiliency
  • Completed courses in agriculture and/or natural resources management
  • Knowledge and experience in project design, project management, and design of performance based measures of resiliency (preferable \ asset criteria)


Submit resume and cover letter by email to Trudy Werry, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA), 130 Albert St., Suite 1002, Ottawa ON, Canada K1P 5G4, Tel 613 230-1044, E-mail: