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YPARD Monthly Newsletter - September

Welcoming the new YPARD Steering Committee member: Zhai Lin

We are delighted to welcome the incoming YPARD steering committee member: Zhai Lin 


YPARD Uganda: Agricultural training in primary schools

Read more on YPARD Uganda chapter initiative to promote agriculture in primary schools including offering support and assistance to school farms, coordinating meetings and school farms visits and facilitating the exchange of ideas and information.

YPARD Kenya: First youth in agribusiness conference in Kenya

Last month, YPARD Kenya members took part in the first youth in agribusiness conference that saw the launch of the youth in agribusiness strategy. The 2017-2021 strategy aims at addressing the creation of innovative, attractive and sustainable employment for the youth through active engagement in agribusiness.

YPARD Nigeria: Unlocking the business opportunities in grasscutter farming

As part of their 2017 deliverables, YPARD Nigeria in collaboration with the president of Grasscutter Farmers Association of Nigeria (GRAFAN) and the Highly Paid Grasscutter Farmers Network held a tweet chat session to discuss extensively on Grasscutter Farming: how to start, its management and financial implications.

YPARD Uganda first face-to-face meeting

With a common goal to transform the agricultural sector in Uganda, YPARD Uganda executive team held their first face-to-face meeting since taking office several months ago. The meeting was to deliberate on key factors on how YPARD Uganda could contribute to the achievement of the overall YPARD goals.

YPARD Kosovo: I know one thing that I know nothing

YPARD Kosovo representative, Hana Voca, tells us of the learning paradox, that is, the more we learn and obtain new knowledge the more ignorant we feel. This is in line with her attendance at the recent 28th International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth.

YPARD Turkey: I am inspired by diversity!

YPARD Turkey representative, Seher Gumus, tells us that her life is not the same after attending the 28th International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth in Herrsching, Germany.


Kenya youth in agribusiness strategy

Kenya’s Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries and the County Governments, in collaboration with development partners, has developed a National Youth Agribusiness Strategy [2017-2021] aimed at addressing the creation of innovative, attractive and sustainable employment for the youth.

Rural transformation, cereals and youth in Africa: What role for international agricultural research?

Young people are increasingly linked to targeted agriculture and food security interventions. In Africa, the argument is that the combination of agricultural value chains, technology and entrepreneurship will unlock a sweet spot for youth employment. This article examines this argument from a rural transformations perspective.


Believe in sustainability, food security, fight for the hungry: My Credo

In an era where population, technologies and modernization are fast growing, meeting up with the basic food needs of the population worldwide is one of the greatest challenges nations and international institutions are witnessing nowadays. Marc Ghislain shares his views on how the young people can be part of the solution and more importantly in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal number two.